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Welcome to Gray’s Creek High School, home of the Bears.  This is an exciting time to be a part of a growing and energetic program here in the Gray’s Creek community.  Our Athletic Program has the potential to be one of the most dynamic and competitive programs in the county and state.  We have some of the best coaches and athletes that are committed to building a quality athletic program in the county and state.  We will continue to provide students with opportunities to exhibit good sportsmanship, while excelling both academically and athletically.

I would like to thank the many supporters for their hard work, dedication, and financial support for the athletic program.  Without your continuous support, we would not be able to provide the quality education and athletic programs found here at Gray’s Creek High School.  We anticipate even more success with the continued support from our parents, students, fans, and community in the future.

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        Gray’s Creek High School Sports       

Fall Sports Coach                   Schedule               
 Cheerleading (Varsity)  Natoshia Cash   same as Varsity Football
 Cheerleading (JV)  Samantha Hondorp   same as JV Football
 Cross Country  Anissa Little   2013 Cross Country Schedule
 Football  David Lovette   2013 Varsity Football Schedule
 JV Football  John Fisher   2013 JV Football Schedule
 Varsity Soccer (Men’s)  Bryan Pagan   2013 Varsity Soccer Schedule
 JV Soccer (Men’s)  Bryan Pagan   2013 JV Soccer Schedule
 Tennis (Women’s)  Sam Bullard   2013 Women’s Tennis Schedule
 Varsity Volleyball  Crystal Waddell   2013 Varsity Volleyball Schedule
 JV Volleyball  Crystal Waddell   2013 JV Volleyball Schedule


Winter Sports Coach  
 Basketball (Varsity Men’s)  Jonathan Grimes  2013 – 14 Varsity Boys Basketball Schedule
 Basketball (Varsity Women’s)  Anissa Little  2013 – 14 Varsity Girls Basketball Schedule
 Basketball (JV Men’s)  Joshua Carter  2013 – 14 JV Boys Basketball Schedule
 Basketball (JV Girls’s)  Anissa Little  2013 – 14 JV Girls Basketball Schedule
 Bowling  Sam Bullard  2013 – 14 Bowling Schedule
 Swimming  Felicia Maye  2013 – 14 Swimming Schedule
 Wrestling  Matt Lynch  2013 – 14 Wrestling Schedule
Spring Sports Coach  
 Varsity Baseball  Jeff Nance  2014 Varsity Baseball Schedule
 JV Baseball  Josh Bagley  2014 JV Baseball Schedule
 Golf (Men’s )  Jonathan Eason  2014 Men’s Golf Schedule
 Varsity Soccer (Women’s)  Bryan Pagan  2014 Varsity Soccer Schedule
 JV Soccer (Women’s)  Bryan Pagan  2014 JV Soccer Schedule
 Varsity Softball  Stuart Gilmer  2014 Varsity Softball Schedule
 JV Softball  Amy Dowbrowski  2014 JV Softball Schedule
 Tennis (Men’s)  Sam Bullard  2014 Tennis Schedule
 Track (Men & Women)  Nick Meininger Samantha Hondorp  2014 Track Schedule
Published by Karen Davis on April 9, 2014
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