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From A-Z by Department
Stewart, LisaPrincipal[email protected]
Drake, PattsyAssistant Principal (10th Grade)[email protected]
Lindsey, TroyAssistant Principal (12th Grade)/Athletic Director[email protected]
Myrtle, MelanieAssistant Principal (9th Grade)[email protected]
Yates, CaseyAssistant Principal (11th Grade)[email protected]
Heller, ShellyFront Desk Receptionist/Athletic Clerk[email protected]
Johnson, DanieleAttendance Clerk[email protected]
Lovette, MaryBookkeeper[email protected]
McLaughlin, ReginaDiscipline/Medicine Clerk[email protected]
Katrinia WarrenAdministrative Assistant[email protected]
SCHOOL SERVICES (students assigned to counselors based on their last name):
Caban, NoeliaSchool Psychologist[email protected]
Locklear, AnnaCounselor (Robi-Z)[email protected]
Lugo, AliceGuidance Receptionist/Registrar[email protected]
Matthews, ShanaAIG Coordinator[email protected]
McMahan, MelissaCounselor (A-D and NCVPS)[email protected]
Orr, LewisCounselor (L-Robe)[email protected]
Wade, VanessaSchool Social Worker; SST Chair[email protected]
Williams, CarmenData Manager/Records[email protected]
Williams, HurleyCounselor (E-K); Lead Counselor[email protected]
Algarin, CarmenESL[email protected]
Dean, Joshua (Deputy)School Resource Officer[email protected]
Esterly, BryanGradPoint[email protected]
Huerta-Comer, CamilliaCafeteria Manager- (910) 424-6347[email protected]
Kaiser, RickISS [email protected]
Lynch, MattSafe Schools Coordinator[email protected]
Rodriguez, ZhamarieSchool Nurse (Available Thursdays)[email protected]
Bossert, CharlesOrchestra [email protected]
Cox, Frances CharleeneDance (Beginning, Intermediate), Dance (Proficient, Advanced) Honors[email protected]
Pope, HeatherVisual Arts (Beginning)[email protected]
Stovall, Amy AP Music Theory, Vocal Music (Beginning, Intermediate), Vocal Music (Proficient, Advanced) Honors; Department Chair[email protected]
Stovall, ThomasBand (Intermediate), Band (Proficient, Advanced) Honors[email protected]
Warga, ClaudiaTheatre Arts (Beginning, Intermediate), Theatre Arts (Proficient, Advanced) Honors[email protected]
Williams, RobertVisual Arts (Beginning, Intermediate) Visual Arts (Proficient, Advanced) Honors [email protected]
Bloom, DeborahAccounting I, Career Management[email protected]
Crumpler, BarbaraCTE Facilitator[email protected]
Davis, DeniseCTE Facilitator[email protected]
Ellis, CamelliaEntrepreneurship I, Microsoft Excel[email protected]
Freeman, DeneenParenting and Childhood Development[email protected]
Gaddy, ConnieLaw and Justice I, Public Safety I, Public Safety II[email protected]
Garcia, SeanAgriscience Applications, Horticulture I, Horticulture II, Natural Resources I, Natural Resources II[email protected]
Graham, ShaniquaFood and Nutrition I[email protected]
Holloman, JillHealth Science I, Health Science II, Nursing Fundamentals Honors[email protected]
Jackson, MarilynCTE Facilitator[email protected]
King, TaraAdvanced Agriculture, Agriscience Applications, Animal Science I[email protected]
McCullen, AshleyAgriscience Applications, Animal Science II, Equine Science I, Equine Science II[email protected]
McNeill, LaDonnaMicrosoft Word and Powerpoint, IT Fundamentals; AOIT Director; Department Chair[email protected]
Megson, JohnLogistics Warehousing I, Logistics Warehousing II, Business Law, Business Law Honors[email protected]
Orr, StaceyFood and Nutrition I, Food and Nutrition II[email protected]
Page, Christilyn Adobe Video Design, Adobe Visual Design[email protected]
Rhoda, RickieBusiness Law, Computer Programming I, IT Fundamentals[email protected]
Womble, MyraCareer Management, Principles of Business & Finance[email protected]
Bishop, MelissaEnglish II, English II Honors; SIT Chair[email protected]
Booth, LauraAP English Literature, English IV, English IV Honors[email protected]
Carlson, BonnieEnglish IVs[email protected]
Cooke, JenniferEnglish I, English I Honors[email protected]
Duhon, LaurenAP English Language, English I, English III, [email protected]
Mayo, JoelEnglish II Honors, Journalism I, Journalism II Honors; Yearbook Advisor; Web Manager[email protected]
Meininger, NickAP English Language, English II, English III[email protected]
Rivers, NicoleEnglish II, English III, English III Honors; Department Chair[email protected]
Arostegui, AliOCS Teacher[email protected]
Avner, MichaelOCS Teacher[email protected]
Baker, TauriusTeacher Assistant[email protected]
Castillo, SarahTeacher Assistant[email protected]
Cornelius, AngeliqueSED/Behavior Interventionist[email protected]
Dove, WandaTeacher Assistant[email protected]
Fermanides, AshleyTeacher Assistant[email protected]
Fitch, JasonID MOD Teacher[email protected]
Gautier, VeraTeacher Assistant[email protected]
Graham, AnnisTeacher Assistant[email protected]
Horan, EarlAutism Teacher[email protected]
Jackson, SuzanneOCS Teacher[email protected]
Johnson, MarcusStudy Skills[email protected]
Locklear, Brandon
Teacher Assistant[email protected]
Mapp, JermodTeacher Assistant[email protected]
Murphy, StephenSED Teacher[email protected]
Pagan, BryanCo-Teacher[email protected]
Smith, BarbaraCo-Teacher; Department Chair[email protected]
Stern, KrystynaEC Case Manager[email protected]
Taitt, MernaSED Teacher[email protected]
Vines, WandaTeacher Assistant[email protected]
Wallace, PatriciaTeacher Assistant[email protected]
Wooster, JulieResource English [email protected]
Inostroza, MoisesSpanish II, Spanish III Honors, Spanish IV Honors[email protected]
Reken, RoxanaSpanish I, Spanish II
Yon, StephanieFrench I, French II, French III Honors, French IV Honors[email protected]
Constantin, SilviuMath 4, Math 4 Honors[email protected]
Eason, JonathanAP Calculus, Math III, Pre-Calculus Honors[email protected]
Mathis, KaraMath III[email protected]
Marozzi, PeterMath II[email protected]
McDaniel, JeneenMath II, Math II Honors; Department Chair[email protected]
Megson, AshtonFoundations of Math I, Math I[email protected]
Mitchell, WillieFoundations of Math I, Math I[email protected]
Pickett, Shannettia Math III Honors, Math IV Honors[email protected]
Piper, Lee AnnFoundations o fMath I, Math I[email protected]
Velez, CathyMedia Clerk[email protected]
Weller, TammyMedia Coordinator/Technology Mentor; Department Chair[email protected]
Adams, DeannaROTC II, ROTC III, ROTC III Honors, ROTC IV, ROTC IV Honors[email protected]
Davis, KennethROTC I[email protected]
Aldridge, KelliePhysical Education: Grades 9-12[email protected]
Gilmer, StevenHealth and Physical Education, Physical Education: Grades 9-12, Weight Lifting (Girls)[email protected]
Grimes, JonathanHealth and Physical Education, Physical Education: Grades 9-12[email protected]
Haines, LoganHealth and Physical Education, Physical Education: Grades 9-12[email protected]
Lovette, DavidPhysical Education: Grades 9-12, Weight Lifting (Boys); Department Chair[email protected]
Nance, JeffPhysical Education: Grades 9-12, Weight Lifting (Boys)[email protected]
Barriage, LeAndraBiology Honors, Leadership Development I, Leadership Development II Honors; Department Chair[email protected]
Brown, ReinaEarth/Environmental Science, Earth/Environmental Science Honors[email protected]
Harris, LeilaAP Environmental Science, Anatomy & Physiology Honors, Earth/Environmental Science[email protected]
Huffer, EthelChemistry, Chemistry Honors, Earth/Environmental Science, Physical Science[email protected]
Mathew, DawnBiology[email protected]
Lora, NestorChemistry, Earth/Environmental Science Honors, Earth/Environmental Science Honors [email protected]
Roseberry, TracieEarth/Environmental Science, Biology[email protected]
Sneed, RichardPhysical Science[email protected]
Anderson, JonathanAmerican History I, American History I Honors, American History II[email protected]
Berrier, JamieAP US History, Civics/Economics, Civics/Economics Honors; Department Chair[email protected]
Bullard, SamuelCivics/Economics, Civics/Economics Honors[email protected]
Flynn, ErinWorld History[email protected]
Fulcher, CodyAmerican History I, American History I Honors[email protected]
Hackett, TylerWorld History, World History Honors[email protected]
Musselwhite, JordanAmerican History II Honors, AP Human Geography[email protected]
Potter, GregoryAmerican History I[email protected]
Tedder, RobertAmerican History II, American History II Honors, Civics/Economics, World History[email protected]
Allen, Wentworth [email protected]
Briley, JoelHead Custodian[email protected]
Davis, Katie [email protected]
Hilton, James [email protected]
Howe, Taylor [email protected]
Jeffries, Dorothy [email protected]
Johnson, Ira [email protected]
McDuffie, Tambra [email protected]
Perkins, Bernice [email protected]
Plummer, Eloise [email protected]
Villafone Cardona, Carlos [email protected]


Published by Joel Mayo on September 2, 2020