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From A-Z by Department
Stewart, Lisa Principal
Drake, Pattsy Assistant Principal (10th Grade)
Lindsey, Troy Assistant Principal (12th Grade)/Athletic Director
Myrtle, Melanie Assistant Principal (9th Grade)
Yates, Casey Assistant Principal (11th Grade)
Heller, Shelly Front Desk Receptionist/Athletic Clerk
Johnson, Daniele Attendance Clerk
Lovette, Mary Bookkeeper
McLaughlin, Regina Discipline/Medicine Clerk
Katrinia Warren Administrative Assistant
GUIDANCE OFFICE (students assigned to counselors based on last name):
Locklear, Anna Counselor (R-Z)
Lugo, Alice Guidance Receptionist/Registrar
Matthews, Shana AIG Coordinator
McMahan, Melissa Counselor (A-D and NCVPS); Lead Counselor
Orr, Lewis Counselor (L-Q)
Williams, Carmen Data Manager/Records
Williams, Hurley Counselor (E-K)
Algarin, Carmen ESL
Caban, Noelia School Psychologist
Dean, Joshua (Deputy) School Resource Officer
Esterly, Bryan GradPoint
Huerta-Comer, Camillia Cafeteria Manager- (910) 424-6347
Kaiser, Rick ISS
Lynch, Matt Safe Schools Coordinator
Rodriguez, Zhamarie School Nurse (Available Thursdays)
Wade, Vanessa
School Social Worker; SST Chair
Bossert, Charles Orchestra
Cox, Frances Charleene Dance (Beginning, Intermediate), Dance (Proficient, Advanced) Honors
Pope, Heather Visual Arts (Beginning, Intermediate)
Stovall, Amy AP Music Theory, Vocal Music (Beginning, Intermediate), Vocal Music (Proficient, Advanced) Honors; Department Chair
Stovall, Thomas Band (Intermediate), Band (Proficient, Advanced) Honors
Warga, Claudia Theatre Arts (Beginning, Intermediate), Theatre Arts (Proficient, Advanced) Honors
Williams, Robert Visual Arts (Beginning, Intermediate) Visual Arts (Proficient, Advanced) Honors
Bloom, Deborah Accounting, Career Management
Crumpler, Barbara CTE Facilitator
Davis, Denise CTE Facilitator
Ellis, Camellia Entrepreneurship I, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel
Freeman, Deneen Parenting and Childhood Development
Gaddy, Connie Law and Justice I, Public Safety I
Garcia, Sean Horticulture I, Natural Resources I, Horticulture II, Horticulture II Honors, Agriscience Applications
Graham, Shaniqua Food and Nutrition I
Holloman, Jill Health Science I, Health Science II, Nursing Fundamentals
Jackson, Marilyn CTE Facilitator
King, Tara Animal Science I, Agriscience Applications, CTE Advance Studies
McCullen, Ashley Agriscience Applications, Animal Science II, Equine Science I, Equine Science II
McNeill, LaDonna Microsoft Word and Powerpoint, Computer TIA/IT Fundamentals; AOIT Director; Department Chair
Megson, John Business Law, Business Law Honors, Personal Finance
Orr, Stacey Food and Nutrition I, Food and Nutrition II
Page, Christilyn Multimedia and Webpage Design, Adobe Visual Design, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
Rhoda, Rickie Personal Finance
Womble, Myra Career Management, Principles of Business & Finance
Bishop, Melissa English II, English II Honors; SIT Chair
Booth, Laura AP English Literature, English IV Honors
Carlson, Bonnie English IV
Cooke, Jennifer English I, English I Honors
Duhon, Lauren English I, English II, English III, AP English Literature
Mayo, Joel English I, English I Honors, English II, English II Honors, Journalism I, Journalism II Honors; Yearbook Advisor; Web Manager
Meininger, Nick AP English Language, English III, English III Honors
Rivers, Nicole English III, English III Honors, Creative Writing; Department Chair
Arostegui, Ali OCS Teacher
Baker, Taurius Teacher Assistant
Brandenburg, Mary ID MOD Teacher; Department Chair
Cornelius, Angelique SED/Behavior Interventionist
Dove, Wanda Teacher Assistant
Fermanides, Ashley Teacher Assistant
Fitch, Jason Teacher Assistant
Gautier, Vera Teacher Assistant
Graham, Annis Teacher Assistant
Horan, Earl Autism Teacher
Jackson, Suzanne OCS Teacher
Johnson, Marcus Study Skills
Locklear, Brandon
Teacher Assistant
Murphy, Stephen SED Teacher
Pagan, Bryan Co-Teacher
Piper, Lee-Ann Resource Math
Smith, Barbara Co-Teacher
Stern, Krystyna EC Case Manager
Taitt, Merna SED Teacher
Vines, Wanda Teacher Assistant
Wallace, Patricia Teacher Assistant
Wooster, Julie Resource English
Inostroza, Moises Spanish II, Spanish III Honors, Spanish IV Honors
Lingenfelter, Melanie Spanish I, Spanish II; Department Chair
Yon, Stephanie French I, French II, French III Honors, French IV Honors
Anglin, Matthew Foundations of Math I, Math I
Constantin, Silviu Adv Functions & Modeling, Pre-Calculus Honors
Eason, Jonathan AP Calculus, Math III, Math III Honors, Pre-Calculus Honors
Mathis, Kara Foundations of Math I, Math II, Foundations of Math III
Marozzi, Peter Math II, Math II Honors
McDaniel, Jeneen Math II, Math II Honors; Department Chair
Megson, Ashton Math I
Mitchell, Willie Math III, Math III Honors, AP Statistics
Pickett, Shannettia  Adv Functions & Modeling, Math III
Velez, Cathy Media Clerk
Weller, Tammy Media Coordinator/Technology Mentor; Department Chair
Adams, Deanna ROTC II, ROTC III, ROTC III Honors, ROTC IV, ROTC IV Honors
Davis, Kenneth ROTC I
Aldridge, Kellie Physical Education: Grades 9-12
Gilmer, Steven Health and Physical Education, Physical Education: Grades 9-12, Weight Lifting (Girls)
Grimes, Jonathan Health and Physical Education, Physical Education: Grades 9-12
Haines, Logan Health and Physical Education, Physical Education: Grades 9-12
Lovette, David Physical Education: Grades 9-12, Weight Lifting (Boys); Department Chair
Nance, Jeff Physical Education: Grades 9-12, Weight Lifting (Boys)
Barriage, LeAndra Biology, Biology Honors, Leadership Development I, Leadership Development II Honors
Brown, Reina Earth/Environmental Science, Earth/Environmental Science Honors
Harris, Leila AP Environmental Science, Anatomy & Physiology Honors; Department Chair
Huffer, Ethel Chemistry, Chemistry Honors, Physical Science
Jones, Richard Biology, Biology Honors
Lora, Nestor Chemistry, Chemistry Honors, Earth/Environmental Science Honors
Roseberry, Tracie Earth/Environmental Science, Biology
Sneed, Richard Physical Science
Anderson, Jonathan American History I, American History I Honors
Berrier, Jamie AP US History, Civics/Economics, Civics/Economics Honors, AP European History; Department Chair
Bullard, Samuel Civics/Economics, Civics/Economics Honors
Fulcher, Cody Civics/Economics, World History, American History I
Hackett, Tyler World History, World History Honors
Musselwhite, Jordan American History II, American History II Honors
Potter, Gregory AP Human Geography, American History I, American History I Honors, American History II
Rea, Terry American History II, World History, World History Honors
Tedder, Robert World History, World History Honors, American History I Honors
Allen, Wentworth
Briley, Joel Head Custodian
Davis, Katie
Hilton, James
Howe, Taylor
Jeffries, Dorothy
Johnson, Ira
McDuffie, Tambra
Perkins, Bernice
Plummer, Eloise
Villafone Cardona, Carlos


Published by Joel Mayo on April 29, 2020